Inter Dallas v Crusaders A.S.F.

North Texas Premier Soccer Association

Division 1B (Spring Season)

Sunday 21st February 2016

Kick off 11.00 Actual 11.11

Inter Dallas 2 Crusaders A.S.F. 3,  attendance 6

27′ 0-1

44′ 1-1

62′ 2-1

86′ 2-2

90 + 1′ 2-3

@ R. E. Good Soccer Complex, Pitch 5

Elm Fork Drive

Carrollton, TX 75056

No admission or programme.

This was my first dip into the N.T.P.S.A. Teams don’t have their own grounds, but games are allocated by the league, although most tend to play ‘home’ games at a set number of venues nearest to where they are based. The standard is nothing special and games involve Rolling Substitutions much like Step 7 in England. As a league rule, all players must wear the same coloured shirts, although shorts and socks do not need to match. Not too bad today, but I can imagine some teams will take this to the extreme. At least all games have 3 officials, which apparently goes right from the top divisions 1A and 1B, down to Division 5.

Todays game took place at a complex of 5 pitches, three of full size. The pitch was floodlit and had a few sections of metal bleachers dotted around. There was a brick building nearer the youth pitches that has toilets and a refreshment stand.