Lynch Pin v Stokenchurch

Hellenic League

Division 2 East

Monday 24th April 2017

Kick Off 18.30 Actual 18.37

Lynch Pin 5 Stokenchurch 2,  attendance 23

26′ 1-0

46′ 2-0

53′ 3-0

68′ 4-0

70′ 5-0

71′ 5-1

80′ 5-2

@ Farnham Park

Beaconsfield Road

Farnham Royal


No admission or programme.

So, 5th v 9th, the hosts still able to finish third, whilst Stokenchurch will remain in their current position, whatever the other results are. It was a bit concerning to see that Stokenchurch had lost 0-9 at home on Saturday, but eventually they arrived in drips and drabs and we were underway seven minutes late. The Referee had decided that we would only play 2 x 40 minute halves because of this, but as is normally the case, there would have been no problem getting in the extra ten minutes, especially as the teams stayed out on the pitch for the halftime break.

Apparently, this is not the ‘normal’ pitch (although it will have staged their last 4 home games this season). That is the one that runs at right angles to this one, with the changing rooms behind the goal.