Shreveport Rafters F.C. V Dallas City F.C.

National Premier Soccer League

South Central Conference

Wednesday 29th June 2016

Kick off 18.00 Actual 18.09

Shreveport Rafters F.C. 0 Dallas City F.C. 3,  attendance 500

22′ 0-1

42′ 0-2

57′ 0-3

@ Lee Hedges Stadium

6115, East Kings Highway

Shreveport, LA 71105

$11 Admission (only $10 bought in advance)

No programme.

This was my last opportunity to be chauffeured for a while, this being a trip east along the I-20 into Louisiana and the nearest town to the Texan border on this route. It would also complete the only states that are sensible to drive to out of Texas, having already been to Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Oklahoma. There is of course the state of New Mexico, to the west, but the nearest city where I know for sure that they play ‘soccer’ is Albuquerque, a mere 650 miles away. Heading north, through Oklahoma State, would bring in Kansas and Missouri though, at 365 miles and 420 miles respectively. Today was only 193 miles each way.

Six o’clock seemed rather early for two part time clubs to be kicking off midweek, especially as there were floodlights here. Despite both teams being out of the changing rooms ten minutes before the scheduled start, the female Referee still managed to get the game started nine minutes late. This was a sign of things to come with a totally inept display where she was completely out of her depth. The Assessor sat in the stands would certainly be in for a late night.

Rafters are one of the better supported teams in this league and the fans certainly deserve a better team on the pitch than this. Dallas didn’t have to be that good to win at a stroll. One thing that really did grate after a while was the constant playing of adverts each time the ball went out of play…..Rafters throw in sponsored by such and such steak house……Billy’s Burger Bar corner kick, etc.etc. This is one American trait that has no place whatsoever in the world of proper football.