Southwestern Adventist University Knights v Dallas Christian College Crusaders

United States Collegiate Athletic Association

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Kick off 20.00 Actual 20.14

Southwestern Adventist University Knights 3 Dallas Christian College Crusaders 5,  attendance 90

6′ 0-1

9′ 0-2

14′ 0-3

18′ 1-3

24′ 2-3

28′ 2-4

35′ 3-4

43′ 3-5

@ Lewis Lane

Keene, TX 76059

No admission or programme.

Another late kick off due to the women’s game beforehand overrunning. This was also difficult to confirm, as unusually for a university, their website has not been updated for 4 years. As for the game, every attack in the first half looked like it would produce a goal, whilst the second half looked like neither side would have any of adding to their tally.