Ynyshir Albions v Ton & Gelli B.C.

South Wales Alliance League

Premier Division

Saturday 26th August 2017

Kick Off 18.45 Actual 18.32

Ynyshir Albions 2 Ton & Gelli B.C. 1,  attendance 260

7′ 1-0

11′ 2-0

41′ 2-1

@ Ynyshir Oval

Church Terrace


CF39 0ET

£ 3 Admission

£1 Programme (didn’t bother as I won’t buy programmes on ground hops organised by Groundhop UK).

This was the furthest distance between grounds for today. Even this was only 4.1 miles, making a total of just 7.8 miles driving between all four matches. It is hard to believe that even the most inept ground hopper couldn’t manage to negotiate this without having their hands held for them, but the fact that 2 coach loads couldn’t, is astonishing !

Once again, a pretty average match, especially in the visitors case. If Ynyshir had converted a penalty just before the break, it may have made for a better second half.

The original kick off time of 18.45 was rumoured to have been brought forward to 18.30, after seeing how the light had faded the night before at Cwm Welfare, which had started at 18.30.

One thing that today tells me, is that 4 games in a day is too many. All the games just blend in to one as the day drags on, which may also be the reason for thinking the games are no that good to watch.