About me

I am an Englishman who grew up supporting my local club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
In the 1980s, the club dropped from the top to the bottom level of the English Football League and nearly went out of business, before climbing back to the second level before the decade ended !
I saw them play on over 70 League grounds in this time, prompting me to ‘do the 92’ by August 1990, thus completing a match day visit to every club that played in the Football League.
I had started visiting ‘non-League’ grounds by now and was also going to games in Scotland regularly. 1992 saw my first taste of foreign football at Royal Antwerp, of Belgium, a country that would become my home of just over two years, some 21 years later.
September 2015 saw a move to USA and visiting stadiums was to be a much greater challenge, not least due to the huge distances involved, but especially as ‘football’ over here is played mainly with the ball in the hand !

Since living in the USA, I now have another sport I enjoy nearly as much as football….basketball. I would now class myself as a supporter of NBA team Golden State Warriors.

Match day visits to sporting stadia