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Temple United F.C. V Houston Hurricanes F.C.

Texas Premier Soccer League

Saturday 9th January 2016

Kick off 15.00 Actual 14.57

Temple United F.C. 1 Houston Hurricanes F.C. 5,  attendance 30

21′ 0-1

23′ 0-2

45′ 0-3

52′ 1-3 (pen)

53′ 1-4

58′ 1-5

@ Ferenc Korompai Soccer Complex

1909, Curtis B. Elliot Drive

Temple, TX 76501

No admission or programme.

This was my first game in the T.P.S.L. , a league that runs from October to March. I’m not really sure what level it sits at in playing terms as the season runs opposite to the three professional levels in USA. It is totally lacking facility wise with players changing in their cars or at pitch side. A few of the away players used the toilet block, the only structure of any note on site. Takes me back to the days of Sunday morning Pub Football in England.

Temple United are new to the league this season and their very young side are finding it a real challenge, although to their credit, they never gave up, even when they went down to 10 men following a straight red card with 27 minutes left.

Following photos of poor quality due to camera malfunction.







Los Angeles Wolves F.C. V Cal F.C.

U.S. Open Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

Saturday 21st November 2015

Kick off 19.30 actual 19.40

Los Angeles Wolves F.C. 2 Cal F.C. 1. attendance 85.

21′ 1-0

42′ 2-0

75′ 2-1

@ Toyota Sports Complex

555 Maple Avenue,

Torrance, CA 90503

$5 admission

No programme.

The venue here is basic to say the least. Just two artificial pitches running parallel, both with floodlights and tonight’s game was on Pitch 1, which is nearest the entrance and the only building on site, a toilet block. The players change elsewhere and come to the ground kitted out ready for action.

Both sides play in the United Premier Soccer League and the main difference between the sides was LAW player Sam Higgins who scored both their goals and looked a good prospect.




San Antonio Scorpions F.C. V Fort Lauderdale Strikers F.C.

North American Soccer League

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Kick off 19.30 Actual 19.36

San Antonio Scorpions F.C. 2  Fort Lauderdale Strikers F.C. 4   attendance 7,832

10′ 0-1 Stefano

15′ 0-2  Marlon Freitas

40′ 0-3  Stefano

56′ 1-3. K. Tyrpak

79′ 2-3. S. DeRoux

86′ 2-4  Stefano

@ Toyota Field

5106 David Edwards Drive,

San Antonio, TX 78233

$15 admission

Programme free, 12 pages.



This was such an improvement on the game I saw at F.C. Dallas, probably as the supporters here are real football people and actually understand the game.

At halftime it could easily have been 0-10 as SAS were totally overran by a rampant FLS. Really good game to watch as a neutral.

The capacity here is 8,296 and tonight’s attendance was the highest since the ground opened in April 2013. The ground is ‘soccer specific’ and designed to be increased up to 18,000 seats if required.











F.C. Dallas v New York City F.C.

Major League Soccer

Saturday 12th September 2015

Kick off 19.30 Actual 19.38

F.C. Dallas 2 New York City F.C. 1, attendance 16,937

45′ 1-0 T. Akindele

45+4′ 2-0 Michel

70′ 2-1 P. Mullins (pen)

@ Toyota Stadium

9200 World Cup Way,

Frisco, TX 75034

Admission $38

Programme free, 4 pages



Toyota Stadium cost $80 million to build and was opened on August 6th 2005 taking on the name of its current sponsor in September 2013 and has a capacity of 20,295.

When arriving at the ground, which is a fair drag north of Dallas, there was a long queue to get into the car park right next to the stadium, despite it being $20 for the privilege, but across the road, no more than 50 yards away it was free to park. Just shows that people really are lazy, or have money to burn. Probably the former.

When  arriving here in Dallas, my plan was to get a season ticket here and when FC Dallas were away visit other stadiums. However, having endured a game sat amongst some of the least knowledgable football supporters you could ever come across, then this might be my only time I ever bother to visit here.

There  was the loudmouth sat a few rows back giving a commentary to his mate, which was bad enough, especially as he hadn’t got much idea about the game, before the real clincher came when it was announced that a Dallas player had been awarded a yellow card, prompting a number of idiots to stand up and give a round of applause and whooping “go Dallas “! What an embarrassment.

I will probably have to get used to getting up and down in my seat as constant streams of late comers arrive well into the game and then having found their seat, come straight back out to go and get food and drink, before then missing the last 10 minutes of the half to go and get yet another drink and hot dog and repeating this action at least once more in the second half. Why on earth has the stadium been built with the seats facing the pitch ?  A vast majority of the crowd have certainly not come to see any of the sport on offer, especially if it gets in the way of eating and drinking, followed by more eating and drinking.

As for the match. Very poor standard, despite Pirlo, Lampard and Villa in action for the visitors, although all three were substituted. Both sides would struggle in League Two in England on this showing.