R. Entente Hesbignonne Braives v R. Couthuin Sports


Liege Provincial 2A

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Kick Off 17.30 Actual 17.34

R. Entente Hesbignonne Braives 5 R. Couthuin Sports 1,  attendance 153

10’ 1-0

12’ 2-0

21’ 3-0

24’ 3-1

29’ 4-1

52’ 5-1

@ Rue de Brivioulle

4260 Braives

No Admission * or Programme.

This fixture was a late change from the standard afternoon kick off time. We only spotted it on Tuesday afternoon and a quick look at the map told us it would give us a nice easy double. It was less than 50 minutes drive from Warsage and a diversion of less than 10 miles off our route home, so perfect.

*There is no pay gate at the entrance, but when grounds are like this, they normally come round during the match to collect the admission money, but I never saw this happen.

Braives are top of the league, having won 9 of their first 10 league games before tonight, whilst Couthuin were 8th. The game was over as a contest after 20 minutes, although the visitors did score the goal of the game, a 25 yard overhead kick following a challenge with the ‘keeper just outside the box.

It was a long day out, but worth it to get two games in. We had left on the 07.50 from Folkestone and having had a good run back to Calais, managed to get the 22.19 return, rather than the 22.50 we were booked on. Unfortunately, the M20 was closed on the way home, meaning a large portion of the gained time was lost with a diversion through Maidstone Town Centre.