Union Clubs Espagnols Liege v F.C. 1912 Raeren-Eynatten


Liege Provincial 1

Sunday 12th November 2017

Kick Off 14.30  Actual 14.31

Union Clubs Espagnols Liege 2 F.C. 1912 Raeren-Eynatten 0,  attendance 108

57’ 1-0

75’ 2-0

@ Plaine Des Manoeuvres

Rue De Herve, 132

4030 Grivegnee

€7 Admission

No Programme.

Heading north from our overnight base in Arlon, along the E25, which took us through the high areas of The Ardennes and on towards Liege, we did question whether our intended match would survive the weather as snow had fallen overnight, but thankfully, as we dropped down, the fields returned to their natural green and there was no problem with the pitch when we arrived in Grivegnee, to the south east of Liege.

Our match today was 2nd v 3rd in the league table and two teams who we had seen win away matches in the last few weeks. The visitors had the better chances, but having failed to take them, the home side nicked it with two goals somewhat against the run of play and the win now takes them top of the league.

The journey back to The Tunnel was horrendous, with torrential rain and high winds, along with heavy spray on the motorway, meaning we missed the check in for our 19.50 booking by a few minutes. Not a problem though, as we were scheduled on the next train at 20.20. Unfortunately, this was then re-timed to 20.36, eventually leaving ten minutes late, at 20.46. The poor service is now becoming a regular thing and it isn’t helped when the trains are then running at full capacity, but with most of the toilets out of order. One near us was still in use, but the flush was broken…..it is times like this that I am glad to have no sense of smell !