R.F.C. Meux v Solieres Sport


Division 2 Amateurs  A.C.F.F.

Sunday 4th February 2018

Kick Off 15.00 Actual 15.02

R.F.C. Meux 1 Solieres Sport 0,  attendance 142

28’ 1-0 (pen)

@ Stade des Vert et Blanc

Rue Janquart 16

5081 Meux

€10 Admission

Team Sheet, free.

This was another trip where the driver was going to a match at a ground I had already visited, his destination being A.S.E. Chastre (20th February 2014, 1-1, versus F.C. Limelette, Brabant Provincial 3B) in Brabant Provincial 1. As R.F.C. Meux were the nearest Belgian League Ground to Chastre that I still hadn’t been to, I decided to be dropped here, as did the other two passengers, and it would only be a 25 minute wait until we were picked up afterwards.

The match was 13th v 8th in the league table and it could have been more comfortable for the hosts had they been more composed on a couple of break away attacks towards the end of the match, but the penalty they scored, just before the half hour mark, was enough for them to take a valuable three points and edge them away from the relegation places at the foot of the table.

For the first time in ages, The Tunnel ran on time both ways !

Below photo : The only goal of the match.