Inter Milan v C.F.H. F.C.

North Texas Premier Soccer Association

Division 4 (Spring Season)

Play Off Semi Final

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Kick off 13.30 Actual 14.19

Inter Milan 3 C.F.H. F.C. 1,  attendance 52

23′ 0-1 (pen)

25′ 1-1 (pen)

77′ 2-1

84′ 3-1

@ Breckinridge Park, Pitch A14

3400, Park Vista Road

Richardson, TX 75082

No admission or programme.

Annoyingly, this one kicked off late due to the preceding match going to extra time, then penalties, and although kick off times were structured to allow for this, it only works if the matches kick off on time, which very rarely happens, if ever.  As the same officials were appointed to both matches they needed a rest period as well. The game itself was only going to be won by one team. Inter were very impressive and played really good football, helped no doubt by the fact the team were of Hispanic background. Unusually for this league, they also had good support.