R. Sporting Club Rendeux v F.C. Petit-Han


Luxembourg Provincial 3E

Friday 10th November 2017

Kick Off 20.30 Actual 20.29

R. Sporting Club Rendeux 1 F.C. Petit-Han 4,  attendance 53

15’ 0-1

48’ 0-2

55’ 0-3

61’ 1-3

90’ 1-4

@ Rue De Hotton 64A

6987 Rendeux

€5 Admission

No Programme.

This was game 1 of a long weekend that would take in matches in Belgium and Germany. The only minor problem tonight was that the first choice match for the driver was a ground that I had already visited, so I was being dropped here, whilst the others continued to their match. At least the rain that had been falling for most of the afternoon had stopped, so it was a dry walk of fifteen minutes to the ground from our hotel.

It was 8th v 4th in the league table, with Petit-Han dominating throughout, the win lifting them to second in the table, at least until the other weekend fixtures were completed. Rendeux finished the match with ten men, when their captain was dismissed in stoppage time, for a ‘last man’ foul.