Spalding Town v Wisbech St. Mary Saints

Peterborough & District League

Division 2

Saturday 29th July 2017

Kick Off 16.30 Actual 16.34

Spalding Town 2 Wisbech St. Mary Saints 1,   attendance 240

18′ 1-0

40′ 1-1

90′ 2-1

@ Pinchbeck United F.C.

Knight Street


PE11 3RB

??? Admission

£1 Programme (didn’t bother)

So, just six miles from the last game and on to the ground of Pinchbeck United, last seasons Peterborough & District League Premier Division champions. This very basic recreation ground would never meet the ground grading for the Step 6 United Counties League, which Pinchbeck have been promoted into, so they have moved to groundshare with Spalding United, which in turn, has enabled Spalding Town to move in here.

No idea how much the admission was here, as no one was interested in taking money, so the admission was as if it was any other league match……nothing !

With this being two levels lower than the last game, I wasn’t expecting much quality……and wasn’t disappointed….it was rubbish.

Moulton Harrox v Sutton Bridge United

Peterborough & District League

Premier Division

Saturday 29th July 2017

Kick Off 13.45  On Time !

Moulton Harrox 3 Sutton Bridge United 0,  attendance 280

6′ 1-0

27′ 2-0

43′ 3-0

@ Moulton Harrox Sports Field

Broad Lane


PE12 6PN

£4 Admission *

£1 Programme (didn’t bother as already ripped off on admission price)

Thankfully, there were only going to be three grounds being visited on this years ‘Peterborough Hop’ ( primarily organised  for a coach load of groundhoppers incapable of doing anything for themselves, but swelled by around 150-200 other ‘hoppers who travel by car and don’t need their hands held !) that I had not visited for a match, which if visited on any other day during the season would be free to enter, but here, it is an extortionate price for the level of football on offer.

Moulton were very impressive in the first half, but the second half was a total non event, which sadly, would be a recurring trend.

As always, yet another inflated attendance claimed, as at least 40 fewer here than the official figure.