Corinthians F.C. San Antonio v Houston Regals S.C.A.

National Premier Soccer League

South Central Conference

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Kick off 12.00 Actual 12.06

Corinthians F.C. San Antonio 4 Houston Regals S.C.A. 0,  attendance 78

53′ 1-0

59′ 2-0

65′ 3-0

89′ 4-0 (pen)

@ Manuel Vidrio Soccer Complex

999, Shadow Mist

Leon Valley, TX 78238

No admission or programme.

I was all set for this one as a 3pm kick off. At around 11.30pm on Friday night I noticed on their twitter account a conversation where it mentioned it would be kicking off at noon. A tweet at 7.30am on the day of the game was sent to try and confirm which time was correct, as it is a good 4 hour drive to San Antonio at best, so I was going to have to set off now anyway, just in case. I only arrived at the ground at 11.56 am and a minute later they tweeted a reply saying the game was indeed at noon !

I was surprised there was no admission charge, unless they had given up by this time ? There was a small refreshment table set up and a nice cheeseburger, or two, went down very well at a bargain $2 each. Water was only $1 a bottle as well, which was certainly needed as the temperature gauge on the car was showing 96 degrees when I arrived. Full marks also go to the young lad taking the orders, as he is the first person in the States to understand what you are ordering when asking for water. Others just look at you blankly, before another person in the queue translates for you so you get your ‘waarduur’ as requested.

This was the third time I had seen the bottom of the table visitors this season and the second consecutive 4-0 thrashing I have seen them take. They are not good, and as they say, the league table doesn’t lie.