Texas College Steers v Louisiana State University Shreveport Pilots

National Association Intercollegiate Athletics

Red River Athletic Conference

Thursday 12th January 2017

Tip Off 19.30

Texas College Steers 65 Louisiana State University Shreveport Pilots  77,  attendance 300

@ Gus F. Taylor Gymnasium

2404, North Grand Avenue

Tyler, TX 75702

$5 Admission

No programme.

We finally got underway 37 minutes late as the preceding women’s game went in to overtime. After a very slow start, Pilots, the Number 23 ranked team in the NAIA, settled down and at halftime it was 36-38. They were more dominant in the second half and always looked comfortable in hanging on for the win. John Ruffin top scored for the Steers with 16 points, whilst Benjamin Batts led the way for the visitors with 18 points.

The atmosphere here was superb with the crowd right on top of the court. I doubt whether more than fifty or so more people could have actually squeezed in to a packed house, as a decent view was hard to find due to the pillars of the roof blocking the view of the baskets from a lot of areas.